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Jam Towing LLC
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 32 reviews
by LaTonya on Jam Towing LLC
Exceptional and timely service!

This company is amazing!!! They were here in less than 30 minute. When I called the tire company to see if they had a tire they told me yes but when I got there they didn’t have it. The driver CALLED around to find the tire I needed and was very professional about it. I would recommend this company to everyone!!! Exceptional service!!!

by Jacob J. Young on Jam Towing LLC
Thank you!

Easy. Fast. Helpful. Even helped push the automobile, lock the door, disconnect the battery, dropped off the car, and sent me a pic of the drop-off. Nice, professional towing service. Couldn't ask for more.

by Anthony G. Gipson on Jam Towing LLC
Keep up the excellent work!

I really enjoyed the conversation over the phone, as well as the professional automobile towing services I received. These guys were super easy to work with, and I highly recommend them to anyone needing a tow truck.

by Veronica J. Ireland on Jam Towing LLC
Highly recommend!

My son was involved in a car accident in St Louis, MO and I called this emergency towing company to give me advice as well as help my son get to the nearest auto repair shop. They arrived when they said and took great care of my son and his car! Absolutely excellent customer service and honest & professional.

by Edward K. Keeney on Jam Towing LLC
Great people and service!

My car battery died while visiting my sister in Bridgeton, MO. These guys arrived as promised to give me a jump. Knowledgeable, friendly, reasonable service. Highly recommend this company and their vehicles towing and roadside assistance services.

by Judy V. Allen on Jam Towing LLC
True professionals!

I called this auto towing company to help me get back on the road. They gave me a fair quote and came really fast. They really got me out of trouble, I was on the way to the airport to catch my flight. Thanks! Strongly recommended!

by Devin Reese on Jam Towing LLC
Great Service

This was a great towing service! My car had broken down on the side of the road and I had called this company to tow it to my auto body shop so they can figure out what was wrong. This company came super fast! I was impressed with their service!

by Amanda N. on Jam Towing LLC
Great Company

I was on my way to work and it was raining really bad. My car ended up getting stuck in some mud and I didn’t want to make the situation worse so I called this emergency towing company to tow it out. They sensed my urgency and came really quick. They helped me out and my car was fine once I got out of that much which was awesome!

by Brad Pollard on Jam Towing LLC

I owe a huge thanks once again to this automobile towing company! I needed help because I got locked out of my car and they were able to help me out. They were really friendly and easy to work with.

by Cal Alvarado on Jam Towing LLC

I recommend this company for all kind of vehicles towing services. They made sure to get the exact location of where my car was so that they can come as quick as possible. They towed my car to the shop which was about a mile away. These guys were very professional!

by Steve Rice on Jam Towing LLC

I thought that this auto towing company would be expensive just like the others in the area but they actually have some really affordable prices! They really helped me out last minute with a tow and it was late at night so I was in desperate need! They were able to come right away! Thank you so much!

by Mary C. Edwards on Jam Towing LLC

I had an accident in St Louis, MO and called this auto towing company for help. They were fast to arrive and guided me properly to follow up with the accident procedures. Thanks for helping me in such a stressful situation. I have had bad experiences with other companies that were trying to scam me and I am really glad I found these guys. Highly recommended!!!

by Lucinda F. Jamison on Jam Towing LLC

Really fast emergency towing service. It's been a few years since I last needed a tow, but I still remember how ugly an experience that was, waiting almost 5 hours in the snow. So when I needed a tow today, I did a Google search and found this company’s website. Very reasonable rates and said they’d arrive within 30 minutes. It was nearly midnight and they really did!

by James M. Snyder on Jam Towing LLC

I had a breakdown in St Louis, MO and called this towing company. Hanging up, I was like there is no way in hell they are showing up in half an hour. I settled in for a few hours wait. But 20 minutes later, they were here. Amazing!! Very helpful and polite, on time, reasonable prices?! I couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much once again!

by Marilyn R. Gilmore on Jam Towing LLC

Had to get my car towed this morning from my house to the dealership. I liked that the driver called half an hour before coming to confirm the vehicles towing service. It's my first time getting my car towed, he was really nice about the process, and it was a pleasant ride to the dealership too. I had a great experience and highly recommend this service to anyone!

by John M. Charlebois on Jam Towing LLC

Just had this automobile towing company come to my condo to remove my flat tire (didn't have the tools to remove the lugnuts - were stuck on pretty good). Called at around 10:00 pm, arrived at my condo half an hour later. The technician who performed the tire change was amazing. Great customer service and extremely helpful - very pleasant demeanor. This is the first time I've ever needed a towing company - a great experience and happy with my choice.

by James E. McCabe on Jam Towing LLC

Thank you so much for the speedy and reliable towing service! I was so scared that I would miss my interview in St Louis, MO, but everything went just fine! Your team arrived swiftly and the whole situation was dealt with in a matter of hours! I'm so grateful, I will do all I can to recommend your services to family and friends in the area!

by Nathaniel A. Collier on Jam Towing LLC

So happy to have a reliable and capable emergency towing service provider like you in St Louis, MO! I used to be scared of driving because I didn't know who to call if something went wrong, but I am scared no longer! My many friends in the area will definitely hear all about your company, as you deserve all of the exposure you receive!

by Charles D. Holmes on Jam Towing LLC

Amazing work! So happy to be able to just call and schedule awesome auto towing such as yours when I need it! Ever since I found your company it has been a real blessing. The two times I called I was greeted in a polite manner, had the job completed swiftly, and I am overall very happy with your company! Keep up the great work!

by Ivette K. Barbee on Jam Towing LLC

I am really pleased with you guys! You managed to impress me so much with your services, and I will most definitely contact your company again! It's good to know I have an automobile towing service provider I can trust, and it seems that I have finally found the right one! Thanks!

by Richard A. Love on Jam Towing LLC

So nice! Their vehicles towing was everything I needed and wanted it to be, and I will call again next time I need towing! I am really impressed by their honesty an hard work, and they are true experts at the craft! My friends have heard about you guys, so I'm certain that you will be getting even more clients in the near future!

by Louis Martinez on Jam Towing LLC
Best Towing in Town!

This company’s towing service is the best one I’ve experienced so far. Not only did they ensure the smooth transportation of my car but also my physical well-being. I will surely hire them again!

by Ethel Brewer on Jam Towing LLC
Quick Rescue!

Thank God for these guys! While I was driving in the rain at night, my car got stuck in a muddy ditch. So, I called this company and requested for emergency towing. They quickly came to my rescue and brought the essential equipment to pull out my car. Very reliable!

by Brian James on Jam Towing LLC

Their auto towing service was so affordable! I had a situation where I needed some towing assistance but I was also short on my budget. Good thing this company was kind enough to give me a discount! Thank you so much.

by Eugene Garcia on Jam Towing LLC
Friendly Staff

Excellent and very efficient automobile towing service. Their staff were also very friendly and easy to talk to. A friend recommended them to me and now I certainly know why. Keep up the good work!

by Norma Peterson on Jam Towing LLC

Whether I'm needing a quick tow or major collision work, the vehicles towing of this company is a lifesaver! Because I was always pleased with their service over the past few years, they are now on my speed dial! Great work.

by Jerald Yates on Jam Towing LLC
Simply Amazing!

A towing company that produces amazing specialists is dedicated to their industry. Your emergency towing service took me from my very scary position in the middle of the night. Reliable. Quick service. Safely towed my car.

by Lionel Bridges on Jam Towing LLC
Trustworthy Towing Company

I have never hired an auto towing company before because I am always careful with my car. So I really don’t know what are the standards when it comes to being provided a towing service. I trusted you because I trusted the person who recommended your company. Now, I will be recommending your company to my friends who might go through the same experience.

by Susan Schwartz on Jam Towing LLC
Fast and Safe Service

My husband and I were already stressed because our kids were at the backseat when our car stopped while we were on the highway. Good thing the automobile towing team came really quick since they understand our dilemma. While my kids and I were at a safe area, our vehicle was lifted right away and was safely towed to a repair shop.

by Janice Moody on Jam Towing LLC
Thank You for Your Patience!

I know the auto repair shop that I go to is quite far from the location where my car was stalled. I am grateful that you were still willing to tow it. Your vehicles towing service team is very patient to my requests. My vehicle arrived at the auto repair shop safely and unscratched.

by Erma Patton on Jam Towing LLC
Reliable Tools!

Although my vehicle was being fixed, I was enjoying myself while checking your tools and equipment. I know that you have invested in your tools and equipment because they are reliable brands. I was confident that my car’s tire will be properly fixed because you guys are fully equipped. That was an outstanding roadside assistance service.

by Thank You on Jam Towing LLC
Joyce Ballard

There was this one time when I locked myself out of the car and I was in a hurry, so I called your team for assistance, and you came in no time. Thank you for the swift service! I will recommend your services to my friends!

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