Towing Is an Option in These Vehicle Failure Cases

Call for Effective Yet Affordable Towing in These Cases


If you’re a vehicle owner, you must have had the unfortunate experience of having your car break down while driving, right in the middle of the road. We understand that that’s a very difficult position to be in, so always be prepared for times like that. If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced this yet, it won’t hurt to be ready as well. Make sure you have the number of an accessible, reliable, and affordable towing service when you experience any of these five common troublesome car situations:


Serious Accident

Serious damage to your vehicle is a pain to handle, especially when it happens in the middle of the road. Roadside assistance may take a while to arrive, as it may be difficult for them to arrive at your location with their wide array of tools and equipment. Be sure to call a towing service to transport your car to the nearest auto repair shop.


Dead Battery

You might not be equipped to restart your dead battery on the freeway, so don’t ever push your vehicle past its required limit. Reviving your dead battery can be done in a capable auto service, so call for a towing company to get you there.


Engine Failure

Machine failure may cause your car engine to break down, even at times you don’t expect. Skip roadside repairs and have your car towed instead.


Transmission Failure

Transmission failure can be caused by any number of factors within your car’s interior mechanism, so don’t risk your life by continuing to drive.


Brake Fluid Leak

Your brakes are a critical mechanism in your vehicle. Driving with the absence of brake fluid may increase your risks while driving.


If you find yourself facing any of these unfortunate issues, always keep calm and remain on the safe side. A reliable yet affordable towing service like Jam Towing LLC is easily within your reach in St Louis, MO, so call us as soon as possible at (314) 455-8214.