Staying Safe During Vehicle Troubles

Tips for Tire Changes

As far as car trouble goes, your safety must remain the primary concern when your car breaks down away from home. No matter what the circumstances, personal safety must be at the forefront. Below, you can find some safety tips for car trouble on the road.

  • Make sure you always have an extra phone you can use for emergencies. Even though your car might have an emergency system, it is prudent to travel with a cellphone with a full battery to alert family members that you have had vehicle trouble.

  • The sooner you can get assistance for the tire changes, the sooner you will be safe. Do this before you attempt calling your friends or family to tell them about the trouble.

  • When the damage occurs, try to move the car to the side of the road. Turn the steering wheel away from it and put your parking brake on.

  • The next thing you can do is to turn your hazard lights so that other people can easily spot you. For that purpose, you can turn on your interior lights as well.

  • If you are safely out of traffic, you can remain your car with the doors locked. It not, move your car away from the busy road to a safer area.

  • If you are unable to move your car off the highway but you are able to get off it safely on foot, do so. Stand away from your car, not behind it or next to it.

  • In the event that a person approaches you or offers help, return to the safety of your car. Do not roll the window down or exit the car. In cases that you do not know the person, yell at them that you have someone coming to help and politely refuse their help.

  • Always keep a kit in your vehicle at all times. It should include gloves, jumper cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight, portable charges, water, food, and so on.

Jam Towing LLC is a company in St Louis, MO that puts people’s safety as their number one priority. It is important that while waiting for tire changes or other types of assistance, people are not in harm’s way. Keep the tips we gave above in mind to make sure your trouble does not get from bad to worse. If you need help, call (314) 455-8214.