Often Overlooked Steps Which Lead To Flat Tires


A Professional Towing Service Provider Provides Useful Information

Imagine the following scenario. You are traveling to a destination be it your workplace, home or vacation point. You are busy observing the road and are speaking to someone sitting next to you or on the phone. You hear a loud sound and feel your car is losing control. Surprised you steer to the side of the road as carefully as you can and park. You leave your vehicle to determine the cause of the sound. And feel a severe headache as you realize you need to schedule towing service as one of your tires has gone flat even though it is well inflated. Often such a scenario happens when certain steps are overlooked during maintenance. Listed below are some of the often overlooked steps which lead to flat tires.

Closing your eyes for leaks

One of the common steps which tend to be overlooked when it comes to tires is inspecting for leaks or addressing already formed ones. Leaks are one of the common causes of flat tires and roadside accidents. They cause the wheel to use grip and lead to premature wear of the rubber. Such issues often occur at the section where the bead or valve stem is. As the air escapes through the leaks it leads to deflation and the loss of pressure. When checking for leaks, be sure to apply water mixed with some dish soap. Observe if bubbles form along the bead or stem. If there are any you need to schedule repairs.

Lack of proper rotation

Another often overlooked step is lack of proper rotation. Rotating the wheels is vital for the rubber. It helps to ensure that each section will receive even wear when traveling on the road. This is vital as too much wear to one section leads to increased chances of leaks. It can also cause the rubber to burst and tear off. A general rule of thumb which can help you in avoiding such an outcome is to rotate the tires every other oil change.

When it comes to preventing flat tires and the need for towing service, there are several care steps you should not overlook. For further information about such steps, contact a professional contractor such as Jam Towing LLC in St Louis, MO.