Need to Transport a Vehicle?

What Are Vehicles Towing Dollies?

Vehicles towing

dollies are often used to move vehicles from one place to another. They can be used for the likes of boats, cars, motorcycles, and other such heavy objects. Car rental agencies use vehicle dollies on a regular basis, to transport their vehicles from one destination to another, so no extra mileage, wear, and tear is added to their vehicles. Motor homes sometimes use vehicle dollies in order to tow a vehicle while traveling.

There are 2 main vehicle dollies, these are caster and towing style ones. Caster vehicle dollies are placed beneath each of the vehicle’s tires. Because these dollies can be used for various different vehicles, they come in different sizes. Caster style dollies with that have large casters can move up to 454 kg or more. Special heavy-duty caster dollies can

carry around 907 to 2,721 kg.

Caster style dollies are made using heavy-duty steel, that can withstand the weight of a vehicle, in addition to the pressure placed on them when moving the actual vehicle. Despite their size and durability, caster vehicle dollies make it possible to move a vehicle through tight spaces which a vehicle would normally be able to go through.

Vehicles towing

dollies are made to hook up to another vehicle. They are very similar to a rolling cart, which offers easy mobility when the vehicle is none operational. These dollies are commonly used to tow cars, snowmobiles, and even garden tractors. Traditionally, this kind of vehicle dolly has two wheels with a platform and ramps. The towing dolly is still in use today, however, newer designs are now available that have swivel plates which will guarantee a smoother towing experience.

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