Expert Towing Service Tips

Steps You Should Take In The Event Of Roadside Problems

Getting stranded in the middle of the road due to your car breaking down is seldom a pleasant experience. It can cause many unwanted hassles such as running late for an important meeting. Yet, such events can happen at any time. To avoid unwanted issues which can further complicate the situation, you should take certain measures. Here are some of the steps you should take in the event of roadside problems provided by a towing service.

Pullover to a safe area

To avoid accidents and collisions while waiting, pull over to a safe area. This includes the emergency shoulder of the road or in a parking lot. Turn off the ignition only once you have made it to the area. To further prevent collision turn on the emergency lights and place warning markings several feet away from the car.

Call a professional service

After you have parked your automobile, contact a professional towing service. Inform them of your whereabouts using certain markers such as the landscape or road signs. If you can see none around you think about which was the last sign you saw and how many miles or minutes ago it was. Be sure to inform the contractor about the model, color, and registration number of your automobile. Ask the contractor to provide you details such as the name of the driver and truck plate number.

Remain in your car

Once you have called the contractor, remain in your car. Do not use the phone to entertain yourself as you will need the battery should the company contact you. If you are traveling with friends or loved ones, consider playing a few games. Or reading something you have brought. This will help you to pass the time and conserve the battery. It will also help to prevent accidents or freezing if the problem occurs in the winter.

There are several steps you should take in the event of problems while traveling by car. These include pulling over to a safe area. Calling a professional towing service contractor such as Jam Towing LLC in St Louis, MO. And remaining in your car until the contractor arrives.