24 Hours Towing Survival Tips

What to Do Should Your Car Breaks Down

Should you be unfortunate enough to break down on the road, try when possible to pull to the right shoulder. There is nothing worse than being a sitting duck in rush hour traffic. Switch on your hazard lights to warn other motorists you are having problems. We at Jam Towing LLC in St Louis, MO run a 24 hour towing service, and always advise our clients to carry warning triangles and flares. However, please note, never light road flares at accidents just in case there has been a fuel leak. Let the police handle this, should you be unable to re-start your vehicle, then contact your tow company to help you get off the road. Should you be blocking traffic, notify the nearest police station or the Highway Patrol of your predicament.

Leaving your vehicle for any kind of extended period is not wise. Should you leave and your vehicle is not in a safe place, then the police will tow it. When you are stranded on the highway, always practice caution. Some people recommend staying in your vehicle, while others recommend standing outside your vehicle. Should you stand in front of or next to your vehicle, any passing motorist could hit you and your vehicle.

In material what advice you take, you need to please be aware of what is coming. Always double-check before exiting your vehicle. When you need to change a tire, make sure you are off the road, and keep a watchful eye for passing motorists. We cannot stress how vital it is you are always aware of oncoming traffic!

Is your vehicle 2 wheel, 4 wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, also, do you have an automatic transmission or a stick shift? When contacting your 24-hour towing company you need to tell them this, also, if you have any passengers? If so how many and what is their age group is. Make sure you tell them everything they think is pertinent.

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